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Not even sure where to begin? We have recently moved up to NH full time. I have been volunteering at a dog shelter that kindly shared Tom’s info with me. We have two adopted dogs that we adore. However, they have some issues. One isn’t good with people and dogs, the other loves people but not good with other dogs. Yikes! What a combination to deal with. How are we ever going to be able to go away without them?

Solution……Radford K-9. Answer to our prayers!!

I reached out to Tom. He texted back immediately and then followed up, very quickly, with a phone call. We talked for quite a while about what is going on with our pups. He was responsive to every issue and concern I had. I knew I had called the right person for sure!

We have met twice thus far. Already, a big difference in my confidence. As Tom, consistently says, the more confident we are, the more issues will be resolved. BINGO! He has taken me out of my comfort zone, and I can see the positive accomplishments already with our two adopted dogs.

I look forward to continually working with Radford K-9. Whether it’s a home visit or taking advantage of his personal location, I feel confident we will continue to make progress and reach our goals.

My husband and I are thrilled with Radford K-9 Life changing!