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Preparing for your Dog’s Stay

Immunizations Required

  • Distemper, Rabies, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) are required vaccines. Upload your dog’s immunization record to your account showing the expiration date or next due date for each of these vaccines. An upload of these vaccines is required prior to requesting an appointment. Once the upload is complete, you can proceed with your appointment request.
  • You will receive a notification of any expiring vaccines through your account a month prior to expiration.

Making Payments

  • Credit card on file is required to request an appointment. Uploading your card information does not charge you, it simply stores your card information in a secure manner, not showing the full account number, and allows you to make payments through your account.
  • A 50% deposit is required for all services at booking.
  • Balance is due prior to pick up. The option to make the final payment through your account just prior to, or at pick-up, is an efficient option and may decrease your wait time upon arrival.


  • Feeding times are once in the morning and once in the evening. You can note on your account specific instructions if they differ from this.
  • Package each meal in a sealable bag or small container.
  • Provide a couple of additional meals in case you are delayed in picking them up.
  • Provide any special instructions necessary for your dog’s meals.
  • We provide spill proof water buckets for each dog.
  • We provide food dishes for each dog.

Toys/Beds/Personal Belongings

  • Please bring any personal bedding, toys, stuffies, blankets, etc., that you wish your dog to have during his or her stay. Please do not provide items that your dog has a history of chewing up or creating a choking hazard.
  • We provide cot beds for each dog.
  • Dogs that are not house-trained should not bring soft bedding or blankets.

Kennel Style

  • Our kennels are in-and-out kennels. This provides each dog with his or her own inside and outside (covered) area, next door to, but separate from neighboring dogs. Dogs have access to both inside and outside area throughout the day and are safely closed in for the night or in the case of bad weather. Outside kennels are covered to protect them from sun, rain, and snow.
  • Although no kennel setting is 100% risk-free, in-and-out kennels greatly reduce the spread of viruses between dogs.
  • In-and-out kennels provide a virtually no-dog-fight atmosphere.
  • We have a large play yard which we rotate the dogs in and out of, keeping in conjunction with our no-contact facility. They each get to be in the large play yard, but not in a group setting. Dogs of the same family can have access to the play yard together.

Check in Instructions

  • Upon arrival, bring your dog’s supplies into the lobby and let us know who is checking in. If someone is in the lobby ahead of you, please wait in your car with your dog until that parent comes out of the lobby.
  • We will meet you at the exterior gate to bring your dog to his or her room.
  • Tours of our facility are welcome!